January 30, 2019 | Fernando Sandoval
In this live video blog we discussed How To Avoid Scams, Fraud, Tricks and Bait and Switch tactics used in Real Estate.

We unpack these, break them down and then take your questions live!

The Facebook Live Broadcast Occured Thursday January 31st at 5:30PM EST from our page:


The Topics We Discussed On This Video:

  • We Sell your house, or we will buy it
  • List your house for 1% or free
  • Signs on the side of the road “we pay cash for houses”
  • Cash back or pay closing costs to buyers
  • Wire fraud email
  • Straw buyers and loan fraud
  • Hitting the “request more information” on big box Real Estate web sites
  • Post Close mail or email asking to pay for fees to get a copy of your deed
  • Open House sign ins
  • Rental Scams and Fake listings on craigslist
  • People taking control of your home’s title and then taking loans out on your home
  • Plug in for synergy title watch
  • Instant offers to sellers wanting to sell their home
  • Flat Fee MLS for sellers
  • Sellers saying they never occupied the home they are not under any obligation to disclose anything
  • Agents giving a high valuation and dropping their commission
  • Fake listings on Zillow like pre-foreclosure
  • You as the buyer decide to use the listing agent to buy the home represented by that agent
  • People who pose are realtors and ask for the escrow deposit or rent deposit and then disappear with your money.
Questions From The Audience:

1.  What's step one for consumers thinking about buying a home? Sounds like a lot can go wrong!

2. What is the best question to ask a title company to know that they are good?

Fernando Sandoval and the rest of The Saltwater Ventures Team at RE/MAX All Star are always available to answer your questions in English or Español.

Text or call 727.344.9139 or send us an email by filling out the contact us form on our website. We look forward to working with you.

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Author: Fernando Sandoval

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