How Your Realtor is Saving You Money (Buyer's Version)
March 23, 2018 | Katie Shoultz
ST PETERSBURG— A few months ago we wrote about the advantages of hiring a Realtor if you are selling a home, but why hire one if you’re buying? Well, first of all, there’s no cost to you, so what could it hurt?

        With today’s technology, you can certainly find your next home online without the assistance of a Realtor, but the real challenges and opportunities to save money happen after you place an offer. A Realtor can do a market analysis, speak with the listing agent to learn additional details about the status of the home, and pull additional property information to ensure the offer you place is fair and has the best chance of being accepted.

        During the sale of a home, everything is negotiable, especially if there are multiple offers, so having a knowledgeable negotiator on your side is a must. Did you know if you purchase a house, your agent’s commission is paid by the seller? This means it costs you nothing to hire us as a buyer!

        Once your offer is accepted, a skilled agent can help you get the most from the inspection and appraisal period and facilitate smart financing, including the Saltwater Venture team’s exclusive 1% buyer rebate program, which puts cash in your pocket at closing. They also navigate the paperwork associated with the contract, title company, and closing.
We’re so confident in what we do, we offer a free buyers’ workshop three days a week to help you learn more about the buying process and how to get the best deal whether you’re working with us, another agent, or on your own. Call or text us at 727-344-9139 to sign up!

Author: Katie Shoultz

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